My Pet Social Mystery Box phase 3 — NFT Iphone 13 ProMax

My Pet Social has gone through 2 phases of Mystery box program, and each of them brought huge success to the whole project and the user community. For the first one, 10,000 IDO tickets were sold within a single day and the second one is even more impressive with more than 215 million $MPS raised and burned. Thank you so much to the community for the warm support they have for My Pet Social since the very beginning until now.

And this time, to show our gratitude and appreciativeness, we have decided to make the rewards more realistic and be of great usage for our users. We’re excited to introduce Mystery Box phase 3 — Iphone 13 NFTs.

Prize Pool:

  • 10 Iphone 13 ProMax
  • 10 Iphone 13
  • 40 lucky tickets (100$ each)
  • Bonus: 10 Bad-luck prizes, $100 each for top 10 holders having the most dummy tickets without wining any
  • Non-winning NFT tickets will be used for farming from the 10th of October

To participate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Buy a mystery box with 30,000 $MPS and open it

Enjoy the reward if you’re the lucky one!


  1. Users with an Iphone winning ticket can contact us here and send the NFT address and your wallet address.
  2. After verification, we’ll transfer 70% of the Iphone price for you, so you can choose any color and configuration at the local store
  3. User needs to take a picture showing off the prize with My Pet Social logo and post it on and Twitter, tag @Mypetsocial
  4. Submit your post again and receive the rest 30%.
  5. Reward may not be distributed if any kind of cheating is found

All $MPS revenue from 10,000 boxes will be burned.

Best of luck, everyone!

My Pet Social Official Channels:

Website | Twitter | Announcement |Community | Youtube




A social network for NFTs gaming on BinanceSmartChain, where you can generate more profit from your NFTs.

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My Pet Social

My Pet Social

A social network for NFTs gaming on BinanceSmartChain, where you can generate more profit from your NFTs.

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